Changes to an organisation must always be as rational, thoughtful and gradual as possible. Interventions should always be targeted and be performed after a detailed analysis. Interventions must in any case be carried out in a decisive manner to maximise their effect. RC Advisory has numerous solutions



The creation or defence of corporate values is the result of continuous improvement of the ratios generally used for evaluations. On the one hand, these ratios measure structural and future operating profitability, and on the other the structural financial requirements, both of which are necessary to run the company


In most companies the launching of a coordinated project, aimed at the “ABC” analysis of costs and possible actions to be taken to contain them, brings significant savings by itself. The determination of consultants and a proactive approach to collecting the suggestions that come from the functions concerned makes projects very profitable.


A similar argument can be made for projects aimed at containing the absorption of financial resources as much as possible. However, the simple policies of postponing payments to suppliers or reducing stocks and the pressure of debtors (customers) needs to be carried out after a detailed analysis of strategic partners and the company’s trade and product policies in relation to the range of products and minimum stock levels.


Possible efficiency gains can be achieved by streamlining back office processes and their procedures, trying to identify, where possible, simple solutions to reduce process times or the resources required to perform them.



Sometimes governance systems of the corporate/organisational structures of Groups and large companies, which are subject to changes accumulated in the past, lose control and consistency compared to the Top Management’s corporate strategy and objectives.
To this end, RC Advisory supports Management Teams and legal functions in the control and management of human resources with a series of solutions:

  • surveys of the structure and definition of roles, responsibilities and operational rules of Boards and Committees
  • surveys and updating of reporting rules
  • definition within the hierarchical pyramid of information flows towards the Management and control functions
  • definition of company by laws
  • definition of policies, procedures and internal codes (remuneration policies, relationships with related parties, insider information, insider dealing, rules of conduct, etc.)
  • review and definition of the system of powers and authority, in line with the company’s internal roles and responsibilities
  • review and definition of the expenditure policies and internal authorisation procedures



The scope of our work also extends to services dedicated to the human resources department in regard to organisational aspects. Our expertise in the analysis of processes for value creation, in the analysis of roles and responsibilities in organisational models pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, and in the improvement of policies and procedures,  our expertise in the analysis of the corporate organisation makes us as a point of reference also in the analysis, definition, drafting or updating of organisation charts and job descriptions.
Furthermore, the ten-year experience of our partners in managing positions in companies invested by institutional investors is at the service of our clients, also in regard to the definition of incentive plans at various levels within the company. From the definition of common business indicators, to specific performance indicators, and the definition of personal qualitative goals, RC Advisory assists its clients in the development of a fair and balanced internal environment that satisfies all the players who make the business successful.


That arises from a legal requirement or a business need, training is now of fundamental importance for the achievement of corporate objectives and the maintenance of an adequate level of satisfaction within the company.