We provide Sustainability Services, in accordance to ESG criteria, such as:

⦁ General Assessment of the Company’s Degree of Sustainability,
⦁ Delivery of Sustainable Induction to Boards,
⦁ Performing the ESG System Assessment through questionnaires,
⦁ Definition of the Maturity Level of the Company’s ESG System,
⦁ Preparation of a Road Map to Sustainability,
⦁ Implementation and related reporting of the ESG themes included in the Road Map
⦁ Implementation of Governance,
⦁ Stakeholder Map & Engagement,
⦁ ESG Materiality Analysis,
⦁ Definition of Sustainability Plan and integration of ESG Strategy into Business Plans
⦁ Review of Operational, Staff and Business Processes
⦁ Perform Due Diligence on ESG and Governance issues
⦁ Support in obtaining Certifications such as
⦁ ISO9000 family, ISO14000 family, ISO26000 family, ISO37001, 45001
⦁ Quality Assurance Review,
⦁ Equal Salary Employer”.