Review Strategy/Business Plan

  • Analysis of the congruity of the business strategy in relation to the activities carried out;
  • Preparation of Business Plan and business information memorandum:
    • Drafting of the Business Plan and verification of consistency between the strategic plan and the numerical information contained in the Business Plan;
    • Documentation illustrating the company’s business proposition to third party recipients of the Memorandum;
  • Development and review of feasibility plans on individual development or restructuring or acquisition projects

Information for decision making

  • Definition and set-up of business performance analysis groups and associated meeting schedules;
  • Definition of KPIs and any benchmarks with key competitors;
  • Definition and implementation of the budgeting process and three/five year plan;
  • Definition and implementation of the process of analysis of deviations from the budget and the timing of redefinition of the same (forecast);
  • Set up/Improvement of the Management Control function and redesign of operational/directional reporting.

Performance Optimization / Value Creation

In order to create value through performance optimization, our services extend to:

  • Definition of specific cost saving projects (operational and over heads), implementation and monitoring;
  • Focus on working capital with specific assessment on the management processes of receivables, payables and inventory with definition of short and medium term interventions;
  • Redesign and engineering of business processes and their efficiency through the analysis of improvements in terms of cost/efficiency and estimation of the necessary investments.

Operational Processes

  • Mapping and drawing (through ce/o narrative) of business processes (core and not) (“as is analisys”);
  • Identification of organizational and control “gaps” with respect to best practice (“gap analysis”);
  • Definition of improvement actions to reduce identified gaps (“remediation plan”);
  • Formalization of procedures to define roles, responsibilities, operational activities, and controls;
  • Updating existing procedures or formalizing practices;
  • Implementation of suggested improvement actions, also through project management activities.

HR & Organization

  • Analysis, design, optimization of the Company’s organizational structure and comparison with industry best practices;
  • Formalization of the company’s organizational chart and/or job descriptions.

KPI & Incentive Plan

  • Definition and set-up of the business performance analysis process;
  • Definition of KPIs and any benchmarks with key competitors;
  • Definition and implementation of incentive mechanisms;
  • Definition and implementation of the monitoring process and possible redefinition of the Incentive Plan.

IT Advisory

Support in the identification, analysis and selection of the best technologies on the market, in order to contribute to the realization of the company strategy with a deep understanding of the vendor ecosystem from the perspective of adopting key digital technologies.