Rc Advisory S.r.l. (hereinafter “Rc Advisory” or the “Company”) is a young Company which consists of a strong and dynamic team with an impressive experience achieved in the most important and well-known consulting companies.
The Company was created in 2010 through the aggregation of some experienced professionals in Corporate Management, Corporate Governance and Internal Control. It operates throughout Italy with national and international customers of the highest profile by putting itself as a reference point to assist them in many aspects of business and regulations.
The company mission is to become a reference point for its customers in the various services covered by the company offer.
The lean structure and the medium-high professional mix ensure the achievement of the purpose and allow the Company to ensure a well-versed and flexible team on each project to satisfy the customer’s needs.

The distinctive approach of the Company provides that each job is coordinated in the field by professionals with at least 10 years of experience who are directly involved in all the executive phases of the project. This method ensure:
• a better quality of the results achieved (more experienced interlocutors who speak the same language as customers);
• a reduction of project lead time (the project coordinator is directly involved in the drafting of deliverables with consequent greater efficiency and shorter review times);
• lower costs (the project is executed in a lower number of man-days than those who use traditional hierarchical pyramids).